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From CLEAN-install of Chrome-Fusion v3.02.03 (11.07.2022): Unable to change Registration settings
Hello again, Patrick, sir.

With the same clean-install (in my previous post a few minutes ago) of your latest (11.07.2022) v3.02.03 using PHP 8.0.10, I ran into another problem, this time with not being able to change any settings in Registration.

Test environment:
Domain: NitroWings.me [PHP version in use displayed in my footer, after my name]
Details: phpinfo
Software: Abyss Web Server X2 on Windows 10 x64
DB version: MariaDB 10.8.3
DB port: 3369
DB type: PDO
PHP 7.2.28 (unable to change any Registration settings)
PHP 8.0.10 (unable to change any Registration settings)
v3.02.03 (11.07.2022) installed using PHP 8.0.10

Admin Panel - v3.02.03 | Settings | Registration
When I change any of the 5 settings and then click Save Settings, the settings change back to what they were before I changed them... in other words, nothing gets saved. (I wish to change all settings to No, because I do not wish to accept registrations.)

When I switch back & forth between PHP 8.0.10 and 7.2.28, the same thing happens... nothing gets saved. This also happened in a previous release of your v3.02.03, but I forgot to mention it.

Here is something that is strange:
When I change any of the Registration settings in phpMyAdmin (from 1 to 0) and then refresh the settings_registration.php page, they all show correctly then as No. However, on the settings_registration.php page, if I change any of them to Yes, they ALL revert back to their original default settings.

Example, after I set them all in phpMyAdmin to 0 0 0 0 0 and then refresh settings_registration.php, they all show they way I wish them to be:
• No
• No
• No
• No
• No

However, if I change just 1 setting, for example "Enable registration system" to Yes but leave everything else as No, when I click Save Settings, this is dislayed:
• Yes
• Yes
• No
• Yes
• No

Sorry again for the bad news.

Bearbeitet von JMM am 15.07.2022 um 03:33
Thanks for the reporting.
I will check these error
This bug should be fixed now.
A new package will be released soon.
A new version has been released an can be downloaded here:
Thank you for taking the time to look into the issue & fixing the problem(s). v3.02.04 works perfectly, and I can now change & save the Registration settings.
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